Research analist / lab manager (32-40hrs)


The successful candidate will be responsible for the day-to-day smoothly running of the lab. In addition, he/she will provide support on specific drug target discovery and development programs.

Specific responsibilities include

  • Purchasing (consumables, equipment) and contacts with sales reps
  • Ensuring all permits/risk assessment documentation is in order
  • Maintaining and improving the general organization of the lab
  • Maintenance and servicing of equipment
  • Provide active support for the Cell-Seq pipeline


Candidate requirements

  • Highly organized and proactive individual with attention for detail
  • Flexible mindset and excellent social and communication skills
  • Minimally BSc (e.g., “HBO”) education in a relevant bio(medical) discipline
  • >3 years work experience, preferably in industry setting
  • Experience with tissue culture or molecular biology is required


We offer

  • A stimulating and focused environment
  • The opportunity to be part of an enthusiastic team that together builds a new company from the ground up
  • The possibility to contribute to the development of novel therapeutic products for patients
  • A competitive remuneration package, incl. the possibility to share in the success of the company, depending on education/experience


Scenic Biotech BV (est 2017) is a spin out company from the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Oxford University that aims to unlock ‘genetic off-switches’ for rare genetic diseases and cancer. Scenic Biotech is located in Amsterdam, one of the most vibrant European cities and is consistently ranked among the worlds’ cities with the highest quality of life.

The science behind Scenic focuses on the identification of disease suppressing genes, which until recently have proven problematic to uncover. As highlighted in several recent articles in Nature and Science, Scenic’s propriety technology “Cell-Seq” changes the game. Scenic will apply its target identification platform to systematically screen for genes that suppress processes that go awry in disease. These genes serve as a starting point for drug development programs aimed to rebalance a variety of serious diseases. The first in-house lead program in the immuno-oncology space is the result of this approach and additional programs in other indications, particularly rare diseases with unmet medical need, are in progress.

References and further reading

(1) Nieuwenhuis J et al. Vasohibins encode tubulin detyrosinating activity. Science 2017

(2) Mezzadra R et al. Identification of CMTM6 and CMTM4 as PD-L1 protein regulators. Nature 2017

(3) Brockmann M, et al. Genetic wiring maps of single-cell protein states reveal an off-switch for GPCR signalling. Nature 2017

(4) Staring J, et al. PLA2G16 represents a switch between entry and clearance of Picornaviridae. Nature 2017

(5) Blomen VA, et al. Gene essentiality and synthetic lethality in haploid human cells. Science. Nov 27 2015


If the above profiles raised your interest, please send your CV and cover letter to"> Don’t forget to mention which position you are applying for. The application deadline is March 15.




Scenic Biotech



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Scenic Biotech
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