Ever thought about a sales position in the laboratory field?


Do you have a laboratory background?
Do you have serious doubts about working in a lab? Do you question yourself if working in a lab is what excites you most? Or do you already know that working in a lab is not your cup of tea? Do you like working with people?

Then we offer you the opportunity to connect both worlds together: sales in the laboratory industry.

At the time we graduated we had no idea what to become or to achieve with a laboratory degree, besides being a lab technician or researcher.
We are going to share what motivated us to make the switch from lab to sales. And most importantly, we will show you what we feel sales is about.

Natasja Koopman & Ricardo Goeptar

Natasja Koopman

We are Ricardo Goeptar and Natasja Koopman.
Together we are GOEP&KO, the founders and owners of GOEP&KO Laboratory Sales Academy. Through our laboratory backgrounds, over the last 30 and 20 years, we gained expertise in sales, sales management, training and coaching in the laboratory industry.

We believe that you, as an unique being, can make the difference. And that this difference, this impact, applied to sales, pays off in an increase of turnover and margin. 

GOEP&KO was established out of passion. Passion to teach you the profession of sales.
Through our Laboratory Sales Academy we will connect you to the laboratory industry.
And while you are working for a laboratory supplier, we will teach you all about sales, so that you will become a professional sales talent.

Please meet us at the BCF Career Event during this lecture or at our booth.