Leaving Academia: the perceived obstacles and how to overcome them


Career changes can be very daunting, especially in the case of recently graduated PhDs transitioning into industry. The two worlds are seemingly very different and the path from one to the other is often perceived to be full of obstacles. In this talk we will look at those obstacles one by one and show that they are often a lot easier to overcome than people think. We will give tools and tips to help attendants address the challenges of reorientation with confidence.

Aina Astudillo Fernandez

Aina Astudillo Fernandez

Project Manager, Focus Research
After a degree in Biology and Pedagogy of Science, Aina Astudillo Fernandez started working in science communication, while undertaking a PhD in mathematical biology. Once her PhD was completed, she joined the non-profit sector. Her current work as project manager at Focus Research combines her predilection for communication and training with her desire to help young researchers improve their career prospects and gain confidence in their job search.


Employers in the spotlight
Recruitment and selection for commercial jobs in Life Sciences

On 16 November 2017 BCF Career Event was held in Ghent ICC and it was a great day. There were over 75 organisations and heaps of eager jobseekers. We gladly thank main sponsor Johnson & Johnson, sponsor PRIMER Professionals, all partners and of course the enthusiastic exhibitors, fascinating speakers and organisations that worked hard to offer all kinds of career support.

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